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Ability to select roundcube as default email client for libreoffice 'Send document as Email'
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At the moment it is not possible to configure roundcube as default mail client for LibreOffice.

LibreOffice on Linux can be configured in Tools -> Options -> Internet -> Email.
LibreOffice on Windows is taking default MAPI application.
In both cases only installed applications are visible, no webmail client.

Firefox Webbrowser can be configured with add-ons like "mailtowebmail" (and Roundcube Template) to use a webmail client for all internal mailto links.

Our expectation is:
It should be possible to use roundcube webmail on Linux and Windows Clients as default mail client for LibreOffice and Firefox.


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As I understand when you send a document from LibreOffice it will attach the document to the email message, right?

Unfortunately mailto: links handlers can't handle attachments. We'd need to write local application that starts the browser, authenticates the user and uploads the attachments. Not sure it's possible at all.

Yes. The "send a document as email" function should open roundcube webmail and creates an empty mail with the attached document.

For gmail i have found some interesting Projects, maybe this helps.

vanmeeuwen raised the priority of this task from 20 to Low.Mar 28 2019, 8:13 AM