Using kolab (0.8.0) list-mailbox-metadata with a dovecot server 1:2.2.13-12~deb8u1 didn't work
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I was trying to diagnose a problem and discovered a couple of small issues with pykolab/imap/

There is no quote function defined in the module. I assume it was intended to act like folder_quote from imap/ (though I wasn't sure how to access that, I tried self.folder_quote but that triggered an IMAP command.)

dovecot imap complained about seeing two slashes in a row.

in the calls to _simple_command for SETMETADATA construct the path "/private/%s" however calls in imap/ to metdata_path.replace('/shared/', '/') or ('/private/', '/') combined with the path construction you end up with /private//vendor/kolab.

My quick patch is in

quote probably should be a function

removing the extra / could either be what I did or replacing the replace with replace('/shared/', ''). Not sure which you'd prefer.