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Current situation:

If a user prints his tasks list, only a few information are visible:
Name of the task and description of the task.

Our request is as follows:

The print-out should contain more details about the individual tasks. For example:
Name of the task list, Name of the task, Description, Priority, Start, End, Keywords

Special requirements

  • Should be possible to print each task list seperately
  • Should be possbile to print each task seperately with all details
  • Identation for subtasks only until level 2. All other subtasks (Level 3 .......) should be displayed on level 2.
  • Print-out should match with on-screen order.
  • If the task list don´t fit on one DIN A4 page, it shouldn´t be cutted.

Example: Design for the print-out:


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Robert_Selk added a subscriber: Florian_Eder.

Assuming that this is for the KE14 webclient.

  1. print each task list seperately

You mean print all but grouped by folder, or print only tasks from one list (e.g. using fish-eye selection)?

  1. Indentation

How many levels do you use? I feel some users might not like it. Either we display all indentation levels or none.

  1. On-screen order

Works for me.

  1. Page size

What exactly do you mean? I suppose it should be cutted, but maybe not inside a task record.

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