Appointments: Booked ressource is not added to the location field
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Current Situation:

If a user creates a new appoitment and add a ressource (room) to it, the ressource is not automatically added to the location field of the appointment.

Our request is as follows:

  1. A ressource should be automatically added to the location field if the location field is empty.
  2. If the location field was manually filled before the resource was added, the location field should keep only this information.
  3. If multiple ressources have been addded, only the first selected should be added to the location field.
  4. It should be always possible to manually modify the location field.


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Assuming that this is for the webclient and KE14.

I don't get it. Resource is not a location. Even assuming some resources can have location specified (where in LDAP?) this could be somewhat confusing. What if the location was filled as you describe and then you edit the event changing the resource, should we then modify the location?

Customer is using a LDAP attribute for ressources, "LhmKolabResourceType = Raum". Value "Raum" is used for rooms.
If multiple ressources are selected, you have to filter for this attribute and display only them on the location field.
They don´t want to see other ressources there, for example beamers ...

For example:

Selected ressources:

Beamer15, Media13, Raum20, Raum21

Display on the location field:

Raum20, Raum21

Additional it should be possible to manually edit the location field with special notes:

Meeting point starway 3rd floor, Raum20, Raum21

If Raum21 is removed from booked ressources, the location field should be updated.

I think it is not confusing, have a look at outlook. You can do it in the same way.

For future projects or internal changes of the resource type name or complete attribute name it should be possible to easily modify the setting.

Kolab-way of storing resource properties is to use kolabDescAttribute in LDAP. This field is supposed to contain JSON object with resource properties. We could add there e.g. "physical_location: true" there and use it in Calendar. The calendar plugin already supports that.

Another story is how we use this in the plugin and UI. Should we just use resource name (cn)? Should resources also have location (city, building, etc.) defined (and where)?

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