Fix finding an event which is in delegator's folder, on itip reply
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  • Alice delegates a calender and a mailfolder to Bob
  • Alice creates a mailfilter which copys all mails from resources to the mailfolder
  • Bob subscribes to the calender and the mailfolder
  • Bob creates and identity (alice) in his account
  • Bob creates an event in Alice' calender und sets the alice id as organizer
  • Bob invites a resource to this event
  • Bob can see the answer from the resource in the mailfolder
  • Bob sees in the answer "The event is not found in your calender"

How can Bob record the answer in Alice calendar?

I confirm that this is indeed an issue. When handling itip replies Roundcube
looks in personal (and writeable) folders of the current user. In this case
the event is in a folder of the delagator. A fix would be to additionally
check available/subscribed calendar folders of all user delegators.