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Snooze function in calendar events are not exact.
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Roundcube Webmail

calendar 3.2.11 AGPLv3

  1. Creating an event and invite (at least) one other participant)
  1. Set reminder to "message - 10 minutes before"
  1. Participants accept the event.


  1. The reminder shows up 10 minutes before the event.
  1. When selecting "Snooze - 10 minutes" the reminder goes away, and shows up again anything between 1 and 9 minutes after the snooze was set.
  1. Selecting "Snooze - 10 minutes" again makes the reminder go away, but come back again on a seemingly random time before the 10 minutes has passed.
  • It is not the same time everytime for any user
  • It is not the same for all users


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petersen created this task.
petersen added a subscriber: nel.

This depends on the refresh interval, that's likely why it's different for different users.

I think some time calculations in kolab_driver::pending_alarms() are wrong. Shouldn't be hard to find out.

It's not so simple as I expected. First, on Kolab 16 I can't reproduce the issue. Second, if I snooze for 10 minutes an alarm for an event with -10 minutes alarm, I'll not see the alarm again at all. This one however, is caused by, but it has other side effects.

Alarms are handled using 5 minute slots, however the pulling is based on refresh interval (Preferences > User Interface > Main Options > Refresh). I suppose, if you have anything different than 1 or 5 minutes there you'll see described issue. Still, I don't know how that would cause an alarm to re-appear after 1 minute. Need more investigation.

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