Package newer 389-ds for debian wheezy
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We now ship version of 389-ds for Debian Wheezy (7). I've faced strange issues of 389 DS crashing then query has (!(objectClass=groupOfURLS)) in the query string. Given that we didn't observe anything similar on any other system, the first thing to try out is to update the version of 389-ds. CentOS 7 ships version, CentOS 6 ships


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389-ds available in updates

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Still the same. Maybe all the satellite packages (389-ds-base, 389-ds-base-libs) needs to be updated as well:

 dpkg -l | grep 389
ii  389-admin                          1.1.31-1                      amd64        389 Directory Administration Server
ii  389-admin-console                  1.1.8-1                       all          389 admin server management console
ii  389-console                        1.1.7-1                       all          389 Management Console
ii  389-ds                                      all          389 Directory Server suite - metapackage
ii  389-ds-base                                 amd64        389 Directory Server suite - server
ii  389-ds-base-libs                            amd64        389 Directory Server suite - libraries
ii  389-ds-console                     1.2.7-1                       all          389 Directory Server Management Console
ii  389-dsgw                           1.1.9-1                       amd64        389 Directory Server Gateway
ii  libadminutil-data                  1.1.15-1                      amd64        Utility library for 389ds administration -- data files
ii  libadminutil0:amd64                1.1.15-1                      amd64        Utility library for 389ds administration
ii  libds-admin-serv0:amd64            1.1.31-1                      amd64        Libraries for the 389 Directory Administration Server
ii  libidm-console-framework-java      1.1.7-1                       all          IDM Console Framework for the 389 Directory Server Console
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I'm closing this because we don't support Debian Wheezy any longer.