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Packaging: Sound notifications do not work
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File sound.mp3 and sound.wav should be in /usr/share/roundcubemail/public_html/assets/plugins/newmail_notifier. This causes non-working sound notification.


  1. Also noticed that favicon.ico, mail.png, overlay.ico, newmail_notifier.js are placed in both locations, while they should be only in assets path.
  2. Also in both locations: markasjunk.js, managesieve.js, password.js, archive.js, acl.js


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machniak renamed this task from Sound notifications do not work to Packaging: Sound notifications do not work.Mar 21 2016, 11:37 AM
machniak assigned this task to vanmeeuwen.

opened a new bugzilla #5461 issue to bring this special packaging problem back into focus

tested -> passed -> resolved

I tested on a system where I copied the sound files to the correct location some earlier, and that's why the test seamed to work but unfortunately this is not solved. The sound files are still not available at the correct path after package new/first installation.

petersen moved this task from Backlog to Done on the Kolab Enterprise 14 board.

According to Florian Eder, this has been tested and is working.