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Create Sheet to describe development process
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Create s sheet to describe the process and the responsibilities in each step.


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First iteration

I would like to consider T47 to examplify the following remarks:

  • The tasks A, B, C and D need not be created as items on the workboard for Product Owners, but can instead block the epic.
  • The tasks A, B, C and D need not maintain a Product Owners association.
  • The development team must appreciate Release Management aspects such as for T47 (and blocking tasks).
  • The association with a sprint_current or sprint_next label is supposed to be a one-time thing, the auto-completion is supposed to provide the actual sprint associated with the alternative tag at that moment, such that what is associated with sprint next today, will be associated with #sprint_server_201518 until forever, and won't automatically move forward to Sprint Server 201520. In effect, you type 'sprint next' but what the task is associated with is what at that moment is the next sprint (i.e. gets tagged with #sprint_server_201518).
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