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Make it abundantly clear that the FQDN must resolve properly
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In the setup-kolab intro, make it abundantly clear that the System FQDN used must adhere to strict conditions;

  1. For the system on which Kolab is installed, the FQDN must resolve back to the system in question.
    1. The system FQDN may resolve back to, but this won't help with the other conditions.
  2. The system FQDN is also used to negotiate access between the Roundcube Kolab Plugins and Manticore, and must therefore also resolve for the outside world.
    1. This may be amended such as using for the system FQDN, with the URL used in browsers being


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vanmeeuwen lowered the priority of this task from 60 to Normal.Mar 22 2019, 12:28 PM

Correcting the priority from 60/40 to Normal

Is it ok if the FQDN resolves only to an IPv6 address (working and reachable)?

I suppose it should. If it doesn't, we'll take a ticket.