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Create a "Settings" panel for user preferences
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The configuration app registers a new item "Settings" in the main navigation which renders a preferences panel where users can adjust various settings for Roundcube Next. See the [[/w/roundcube-next/apps/configuration/ | feature specification] for details.

This app already provides some general settings used throughout all apps:

  • Language
  • Timezone
  • Date/time format

It also registers an Ember service config to the application which can be used to retrieve stored user preferences and maybe other system settings.

User Story

  • Andrew is currently in Singapore for a business trip
  • He wants to adjust the timezone of his webmail client to see dates relative to the local time
  • He selects "Settings" from the main navigation
  • He navigates to "Preferences" and then "General"
  • From the drop-down menu next to the "Timezone" label he selects "GMT +08:00 Asia/Singapore"
  • He presses the "Save" button to store the new timezone (*)
  • A confirmation message tells him the settings have been updated
NOTE: * Omitting the Save button is probably subject to UX decisions.
NOTE: The settings view is subject to be re-visited after the UX design process has been completed. This is how the view can be structured for starters:


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