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Paging in message list
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The message list currently displays the first set (page) of messages. If more messages are available, the list shall provide a UI element to list the next page. Depending on the UX decisions, this can be realized with paging buttons or with an endless scrolling behavior, automatically fetching the next set if the user scrolls down to the bottom of the list.

This ticket is more about the mechanisms in the data model supporting paging. For now, I suggest to simply add a clickable item to the bottom of the list saying "More messages..." to fetch the next page and then update the list once the results are available.

Up for discussion is the maximum size of the list we want to keep in memory / the DOM. Loading the next page should just append the new messages to the list without replacing the previous page. There however is a limitation of the devices maintaining huge DOM trees. I suggest to cut the list at 1000 rows and then display a "Previous messages..." button as the first item of the list when one scrolls up to the top.

User Story

  • Susan seeks for a message from Tobias about that new arts website he's working on
  • She opens the Archive folder and starts scrolling through the messages as she doesn't recall the subject or the name of that site
  • There's no message from Tobias amongst the listed 25 messages
  • Susan clicks the "More messages..." button to get to the next 25 messages
  • Susan clicks "More messages..." again until she finds Tobias' message
NOTE: This is subject to be re-visited for the UX refinements. If we'd decide for an endless scrolling option, that would mean to only remove the "More/previous messages "buttons and trigger the according action from scroll position.


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