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Email folder listing with treelist component
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Display email folders as a hierarchical list using the treelist widget with items sorted in a natural way:

  1. Inbox and special-use folders (Drafts, Sent, Spam, Trash, Archive, etc.) on top
  2. Remaining folders in alphabetical ascending order according their name (case-insensitive)

Special-use folder can be identified by their role attribute. See JMAP spec for defined roles.

User Story (U 1.3)

  • Berna wants to open the message to the finance department she started writing this morning
  • She opens the mail view
  • The Inbox folder is currently selected
  • She finds the Drafts folder as the second item in the folder list
  • She clicks the Drafts folder
  • The Inbox loses its selected state and now the Drafts folder indicates to be the currently selected folder


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