Banged against guam until it works.

Authored by mollekopf on Mar 15 2017, 5:03 PM.



I'm pretty sure some of the other passthrough rules could be removed,
it seems some arguments are just mixed up.
However I'm having a hard time understanding what the individual
arguments are, so consider this a workaround that will require cleanup
by someone who understands how things are supposed to work.

Here are some example errors that I ran into (linenumbers are probably
not correct due to temporary debug statements and comments).

terminated with reason: no match of right hand value {<<"A000005 LSUB
\"\" *\r\n">>,[],[],perform_passthrough,undefined} in
kolab_guam_session:process_client_data/3 line 198

gen_server <0.190.0> terminated with reason: no
function clause matching
kolab_guam_session:apply_next_rule_serverside(<0.221.0>, <<"* LSUB
(\\Noinferiors) \"/\" \"INBOX\"\r\n* LSUB () \"/\" \"Calendar\"\r\n*
LSUB () \"/\" \"Configuration\"\r\n* L...">>, [], undefined) line 259

gen_server <0.201.0> terminated with reason: no function clause
matching kolab_guam_session:check_next_undecided_rule(#Port<0.59116>,
<<"A000006 LIST \"\" *\r\n">>, {<<"A000006">>,<<"LIST">>,<<"\"\" *">>},
undefined, {[],[]}) line 326

Test Plan

Connected with Kontact. Kolab resource get's everything, imap resource only imap folders.

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Same patch, but applied to feature/0.9-with-rebar2

Please note that I couldn't test this on my system. So only the development version is somewhat tested.

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Is this with no ruleset in the config for a particular connection? Or when you connect with a client claiming to be /Kolab in the ident, or? Let's look at your guam config / setup when we are together next