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The notifications system of Roundcube Next shall be the primary handler for shell.notify events and provide the visual presentation of notifications according to the specified type and situation. Consider the following examples:

  • Warning: User login failed
  • Confirmation: Message moved to folder X
  • Error: Failed to save event to calendar
  • Info: Max B became online
  • Loading: Sending message...
  • Notification: New message from Sam Foo

In order to cover the various use-cases where an app wants to notify the user about a particular event or situation, the event argument should be a Notification object specifying the type of the message as well as additional details regarding its presentation or interaction.

The exact model is drafted below but let's start with some use-cases the notification system should be able to serve:

User Stories

User Login

  1. User submits the login form
  2. The server denies authentication
  3. A warning is displayed to inform that authentication failed
  4. The user re-types her password
  5. The warning vanishes when submitting the login form again

New message arrived

  1. The mail app checks for new messages
  2. Two new messages arrived in the Inbox
  3. The webmail window does not have focus but the user has enabled desktop notifications
  4. Using the Notifications API of the browser, a notification box is displayed on the users desktop

User accepts event invitation

  1. Jane clicks on the "Accept" button of an event invitation
  2. The event is added to her calendar and a reply is sent to the organizer
  3. Jane gets to see two messages saying
    • Successfully saved event to calendar "Personal"
    • Failed to send the response to this event invitation
  4. The first confirmation message vanishes after 10 seconds
  5. The warning remains visible until Jane closes the box

Application requirements

A component triggering a notification event should have some possibilities to interact with the displayed notification in some ways.

  • Assign an ID/Tag in order to revoke/hide the message later on (example: hide warning about failed login attempt if login finally succeeds on the seconds try)
  • Register callback functions to get informed when the user clicks or closes the notification box
  • Supply structured information like type, title, body or even sound
  • Control the time of appearance: auto (according to type), seconds, sticky

Notification Model

The suggested model is inspired by the Browsers Notification API.

  type: "info|warn|error|alert|success|wait|notify",
  title: "The notification title/message",
  body: "(optional) body with additional information",
  timeout: 5000, // ms
  sticky: true|false,
  tag: "identifier",
  icon: "(optional) icon to be displayed",
  onclick: function() {  /* callback if clicked */ },
  onclose: function() {  /* callback if closed */ },

Pubsub events


Triggers a new notification. Takes a Notificationobject as argument


Revokes a previously triggered notification (i.e. hides the box). Takes a String argument denoting the tag of the notification(s) to be revoked.

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