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Product, Project And Teams
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WARNING: This is a wiki used as a scratch-book. This version of the development process is being worked on actively, and are considered to be a draft. The authoritative documentation for Kolab Groupware lives at

When we say Product, we mean to indicate the collection of software typically known as Kolab. For such product, a product stream is a versioned product, such as Kolab 3.4 or Kolab Enterprise 14.

These products are composed of a collection of individual software packages, and each of these software packages is developed using a Software Project in Phabricator. These software projects are marked with an envelope and in blue (such as Copenhagen), and are typically associated with one or more Source Code Management repositories.

In the Kolab Phabricator instance, all sofware projects are open to the general public. We limit direct commit access using authorization groups, or developer teams, with a team icon and in red, such as Copenhagen Developers.

Members of a team such as Copenhagen Developers can add other members to the team, allowing for a largely self-regulating universe.

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