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Guidelines For Creation Of Tasks
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  • The Title must be descriptive and concise. Example: Add autocomplete to the "To:" field in "compose mail" [better example needed]
  • The Description field must hold a detailed description of the Task at hand; preferably in the form of a user-story. Example: "John click 'Compose Mail' and the compose window opens a new mail. Focus is already in the 'To:' field. He starts typing the name Jane. The system is autocompleting with the first match for the address in the addressbook ( As John keeps typing, the autocomplete change to the new match ( At some point John hit the match that he was looking for ( [better example needed]
  • If the userstory is not easily verifyable, the Description must hold a test-case. Example: [Test-case example]
  • Priority is by default Medium. It is up to the Product Owners to verify or change the priority.
  • Appropriate software projects should be added. If the correct software project is not known, then Architecture & Design should be consulted.
  • Defects falling out of support (customer) issues shall be entered and associated with the #support project. While support is keeping the contact to the customer, the resulting development work listed in the Task is going through the normal evaluation and triage process, and will eventually be planned into a sprint.
  • Defects coming in via community members [TBD]
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