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Task types

  • Epic: The top umbrella item in the backlog. Is covering several stories and tasks. Epics can not be estimated as a complete entity. Only after estimating the smaller pieces together an estimation can be done.
  • Story:
  • Task:


  • Product Owner: The role responsible for the link between the customer and development. The product owner is creating the product backlog and prioritizing it.
  • Architecture & Design:
  • Scrum master:
  • Process Managers:
  • Developer:
  • Quality Assurance

The definition of Done: When the test-case for a certain task is being executed successfully, and the code resulting in the "fix" has been committed to git, the task can be moved to Done.

Project (in Phabricator): "Everything" is a project in the phabricator terminology. The projects are assigned to tasks (rather than the other way around) by adding the project hash tag to the task. We operate with the following types,

  • Software Projects: One per software component or git repository (such as Copenhagen). They are associated with tasks related to this component. The software projects has no workflow. They lanes in the workboard describes the available versions in a forward directed manner.
  • Role Projects: One per role in the process (such as Product Owners). When a person is given a role, they are added as members of the Role Project. Role projects has a workflow which is custom to the needs of the role.
  • Sprint Projects: One per sprint (such as #sprint_server_201513). Tasks added to the Sprint Project is work that is planned for execution. Therefore the Sprint Projects has a workflow (described elsewhere in this documentation).

Story points: A number of points that describes the amount of effort needed to complete a certain task. The effort of a task is measured against the effort of the other tasks in the stack.

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