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User personal calendars marked as 'other' - when username has a @
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kolab-plugins git pull as of Apr 10, 2024 (last commit 0333d78048c591aae9fbd3b8bca54c29cdbb33b5 - fix phpstan error)

This was tested on radicale, but $owner = $this->get_owner(); is returning a url encoded string

ex:/ if the login is, it was returning, causing the $owner != $user codepath to trigger.

  • Unknown if radicale is giving this directly, or something after that changes it
  • Untested with cyrus imapd

Worked around that on our setup with adding:

if ($owner != $user) $owner = urldecode($owner);


public function get_namespace()
    // TODO: Support for global shared folders?

    $owner = $this->get_owner();
    $user = rcube::get_instance()->get_user_name();

+ if ($owner != $user) $owner = urldecode($owner);

    if ($owner != $user) {
        return 'other';

    return 'personal';



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