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Free/Busy does not recognise "CONFIRMED" calendar events
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Calendar events in (Kolab) roundcube have the Status of one of '--', 'Confirmed', 'Cancelled', or 'Tentative'. The Free/Busy plugin does not seem to recognise the 'Confirmed' status, showing times of 'Confirmed' events as available (green).

I believe the problem occurs at line 158 of /usr/share/kolab-freebusy/lib/Kolab/FreeBusy/SourceIMAP.php, where I believe the test should be:

// only consider shared namespace events if user is a confirmed participant (or organizer)
// skip declined events
if (!$this->check_participation($event, $user_email, $status)
        || ($status != 'CONFIRMED' && $status != 'ACCEPTED' && $status != 'TENTATIVE')
) {
   	$log->debug('Skip shared/declined event', array($event['uid'], $event['title']));

I believe the $status != 'ACCEPTED' test is still required since I believe some imported events can have this status.

I have the following package installed: kolab-freebusy-


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