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Roundcube email actions 'Save as Event' 'Save as Task' 'Add a Note' are no longer available
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After the latest roundcube update, it seems that the actions 'Save as Event', 'Save as Task', 'Add a Note' on emails are not available i.e. they are greyed out.

Strangely, if you open the email in a new (standalone) window, then the actions are available. See screenshots for both cases.

Could it be a bug in the front-end code?

ii pykolab 0.8.23-0~kolab1 all
ii roundcubemail 1:1.5.3-1~kolab3 all

greyedout.png (441×1 px, 99 KB)

available.png (569×1 px, 98 KB)

Update 12-Apr-2023: I installed Kolab on Debian 10 from scratch to check if something broke in my setup. The issue is still present on a clean install, it must have been caused by one of the latest (Feb/Mar 2023) Roundcubemail updates in Kolab.


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I believe this is resolved with the roundcubemail update from today, please reopen if you can still reproduce the issue.