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Tasklist is empty (error table 'roundcube.tasklists' doesn't exist)
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The task list is shown as empty in Roundcube but the Tasks folder is there and has several messages (corresponding to the tasks). The tasks can also be synced without a problem via iRony. But Roundcube fails to display any of them.

The /var/log/roundcubemail/errors.log shows the message:
DB Error: [1146] Table 'roundcube.tasklists' doesn't exist (SQL Query: INSERT INTO tasklists (user_id, name, color, showalarms) VALUES ('1', 'Default', '000000', '0')) in /usr/share/roundcubemail/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_db.php on line 568 (GET /webmail/5YxtSRLg3tn9Qf1W/?_task=tasks)

It is not clear to me if this was caused by a (recent) upgrade, but the task list was working fine some months ago.

pykolab 0.8.23-0~kolab1 all
roundcubemail 1:1.5.3-1~kolab2 all


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This was caused by a change of the default tasklist driver from kolab to database, which I have now reverted. Package build is still pending.

Thank you, it is resolved and along side with it, the folders in settings are now visible and editable again via the UI (path /?_task=settings&_action=folders). Thank you for fixing this, it was rather crippling

mollekopf claimed this task.

Great, glad to hear it.