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Automatic Email Signatures work only with primary email address but not alias
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Hello devs,

the automatic email signature thing is really cool, thank you.
But it seems only to work with "primary" email adresses and not "alias" email adresses which I've plenty.

Already tried to change....
signature_file_html = /etc/kolab/signature.d/%(mail)s.html
signature_file_text = /etc/kolab/signature.d/%(mail)s.txt

signature_file_html = /etc/kolab/signature.d/%(alias)s.html
signature_file_text = /etc/kolab/signature.d/%(alias)s.txt

but this did not work.

Would be fantastic if you could also support alias email addresses with automatic email signatures.
Maybe I can change something in "" to force the signature module to use alias instead of mail (primary)?

I'm glad to test.


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johndoe triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 12 2022, 4:19 PM

The module uses find_recipient() method which searches the user in LDAP. So, you need to have 'alias' in mail_attributes setting. This however is not all. Without changes to the module you can't use different signatures for aliases and main address.