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wrong date importing .ics file
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yum info kolab
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Installierte Pakete
Name : kolab
Architektur : x86_64
Version : 16.0.1
Ausgabe : 41.1.el7.kolab_16
Größe : 0.0
Quelle : installed
Aus Quelle : Kolab_16
Zusammenfassung: The Kolab Groupware Solution
Lizenz : GPL
Beschreibung: The Kolab Groupware solution is a fully-featured Free Software groupware solution,

: and this is the meta-package you can use to install it with.

I am using the Kolab Server Version 16.0.1 and whenever I import an .ics file, the appointment + one hour is imported.
The system time is correctly displayed for date.
Where do I have to change something to correct that?
Timezone is EUROPE/Berlin

default_locale = de_DE


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