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kolab webmail broken meeting links in ms teams invitations
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It seems kolab has problems parsing ms teams meeting invitation emails, specifically the included meeting links, which means users can't access the meeting by clicking the included link.

it seems sometimes (but weirdly not always) there's extra "%3E" added to the end of the microsoft teams meeting URL ("Join Microsoft Teams Meeting") by kolab and/or webmail, which makes the url broken.

Just today I received such ms teams meeting invitation email, and upon closer inspection it looks like:

  • When I check the original ms teams invitation email in kolab webmail (email inbox), the meeting link is actually correct, it ends with "%7d" as the last character of the URL.
  • I accept the teams meeting invitation, so there's an entry created for it in my kolab calendar.
  • Later when it's time for the meeting, I check the kolab webmail calendar, and check the ms teams meeting link in the calendar entry.. and now there's extra "%3E" in the end of the meeting link/URL, which makes it broken, and clicking the link results in an error from the ms teams server, and I'm not able to access the meeting until I manually copy/edit/paste the meeting link and remove the last (wrong) character from the link/URL.

Sometimes I've seen this problem also in kolab email inbox too, so I think it's not specific to kolab calendar.

Currently running:


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Looking at the email source the for the invitation there's this part (IDs changed, so it's not proper link to test with):

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting<

So it seems for some reason kolab *sometimes* (not always) picks the last ">" character (which is %3E) and includes in the URL/link.. which makes it broken.

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Duplicate of T6688.