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Update HOWTO: Use Seafile with Chwala
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There are errors in the howto:

# Change the following basing on how much time you want data from Seafile cached
$config['fileapi_seafile_cache'] = '14d';

(it gives an error in the log file: DB Error: Configuration error. Unsupported cache driver: 14d in /usr/share/roundcubemail/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_cache.php on line 64)

should be changed to (as per

// Enables caching of some SeaFile information e.g. folders list
// Note: 'db', 'apc' and 'memcache' are supported
$config['fileapi_seafile_cache'] = 'db';
// Expiration time of SeaFile cache entries
$config['fileapi_seafile_cache_ttl'] = '7d';

Also this error can lead to the caldav/cardav updates from the clients as in my case.


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