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Problem with calendar plugin for roundcube
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Error path:
New event -> date of event from the past (e.g., March 1, 2020). Repeatability -> Monthly -> Every 1 month -> On every 3rd day of the month.

The event was recorded for every 1st day of the month, not on the 3rd day.

This error does not occur if the created event is for the future.

In general, there seems to be a lack of logic regarding repeatability for the days of the month. Maybe here:


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machniak subscribed.

It works for me with Kolab backend, although the event info dialog displays "Repeat: Every 1 month(s), forever ". When I edit the event Recurrence form looks correct and the event is displayed properly on the 3rd Thursday as defined. So, I see only a problem with the "Repeat" text not being complete.

Is that what you're talking about? I believe Kolab backend is not using the Horde lib, so it might be that there's another bug there.

I think that the screen from the application will explain the problem better :)

recurring-bug.png (1×3 px, 377 KB)

Did attached screen help you repeat the error?

Any info? :) Is there anything I can help you to resolve this bug ?

Ok, I was testing a different case. However, this case also works with Kolab backend. I assume that you're using the database driver. Is it right?

Yes, it using plugins/calendar/drivers/database/database_driver.php.

The new_event method starts in database_driver and it starts _update_recurring. In this _update_recurring there is a calendar_recurrence object that creates Horde_Date_Recurrence on initialization where the problem is. :)

Currently, the calendar uses the database backend:

// backend type (database, kolab)

$ config ['calendar_driver'] = "database";

Is it possible to fix the problem on the "database" driver that the calendar is using?

This driver is not a high prio for us. Patches welcome.

machniak claimed this task.

Works for me.