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wallace does not create calender placeholder events for forwarded meeting invitation emails
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Kolab user "A" gets an email which includes a calender invitation (.ics file) for him/her. User "A" forwards the email to Kolab user "B". User "B" expects to see a calender placeholder event generated automatically in the calender by wallace, just like happens for other meeting invitation emails user "B" gets directly, but this doesn't seem to work, as user "B" is not included in the original invitation attachment (.ics) recipient field, and wallace seems to skip processing these forwarded invitation emails.

pykolab / wallace log entry:
"2020-04-27 09:44:23,949 pykolab.wallace/invitationpolicy INFO [32094] tmprfv0t_ No user attendee matching envelope recipient firstname.lastname@domain.tld, skip message"

It'd be nice if wallace processed properly also forwarded calender invition emails.



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pasik renamed this task from Forwarded calendar invitation emails don't create placeholder event in wallace to wallace does not create calender placeholder events for forwarded meeting invitation emails.May 3 2020, 10:31 PM
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Any thoughts about how to fix this issue?

Is it OK to always generate calender placeholder by wallace, even when the receiving user is NOT included in the .ics invitation recipient field ? That is what happens in other email/calenders platforms (ms exchange/o365), so users seem to expect that behaviour..

I didn't know that wallace created generate calender placeholder. Do they have an update for this? Hoping that they fix it as soon as possible.

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I think it is better to pass the invitation to Inbox for manual processing.