Issue with roundcubemail-plugins-kolab 3.4.2 and RoundCube 1.4.1 (with the Elastic Skin and ISPConfig3): the content of a opened email is not showed
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The version of Kolab, individual versions of the software you are running, and the platform you are using.

roundcubemail-plugins-kolab 3.4.2

RoundCube 1.4.1 (with the Elastic Skin )

and ISPConfig3

Describe what happened.

I installed roundcubemail-plugins-kolab on my ISPconfig server that using Roundcube as web client.

i done this task using the provided instructions in its Readme and at this level everything was fine and i didn't got any error during the setup but just a warning during the execution of this instruction :

lessc --relative-urls -x plugins/libkolab/skins/elastic/libkolab.less > plugins/libkolab/skins/elastic/libkolab.min.css.

the warning was : (node) util.print is deprecated. Use console.log instead.

after that, when i enabled the calendar plugin as explained in the Readme by :

"5. Enable the calendar plugin

$ edit config/

Add 'calendar' to the list of active plugins:

$config['plugins'] = array(

I was not able to view the content of any email when i tried to open it as you can see in the "A" area in the screenshot attached to this description

Describe how the actual result does not meet your expectations.

i hope to be able to open any emails in the both case, i mean if the calendar plugin is enabled or not.

Edit :
in my log i found this error :

PHP Fatal error: Class 'Sabre\VObject\Property\Text' not found in /var/lib/roundcube/plugins/libcalendaring/libvcalendar.php on line 1451


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i found the solution myself.

i manually installed sabre/dav with the command :

composer require sabre/dav ~3.2.0

and the problem was solved.

thank you

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