kolab-server: Wrong access rights on pykolab.log
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I'm running Kolab 16 on Debian 9. kolab-server is 0.8.16-0~kolab1
After the last update the following happens:

root@jupiter:/var/log# ls -l kolab/pykolab.log
-rw-rw---- 1 kolab kolab-n 0 Nov 23 06:25 kolab/pykolab.log
root@jupiter:/var/log# systemctl restart kolab-server.service
root@jupiter:/var/log# ls -l kolab/pykolab.log
--w--w-r-T 1 kolab kolab-n 3680 Nov 23 06:34 kolab/pykolab.log

There have been changes to umask an PID files, they might be relevant here too.


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Yepp. the chmod mask was held against the umask and therefore resulted in the wrong chmod mask. After changing this to a correct umask octcal number it's okay.

Diff D877 is attached

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