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removing auto-created aliases in kolab-webadmin does not work
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in kolab-webadmin, under users -> user -> contact information, all users get some auto-created aliases. If you want to remove unneeded/unwanted aliases, you click the trashcan, and the alias disappeares. When clicking submit you go back to the main users view, but the aliases are not removed.

expected behaviour:

  • alias is removed

actual behaviour:

  • alias remains


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You need to disable the autogenerated secondary_mails in /etc/kolab/kolab.conf.

This is not a bug and should be closed.

I get that you can disable it. But when the records have been created anyway, should they not be removable?

Or is that hard enforced by the setting in kolab.conf ?

Yes. These values are enforced. If they don't exists, kolabd recreates them.