Support more folder properties (like message count, unread count, etc.)
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Add support for more folder properties. MAPI uses:
PidTagContentCount - number of messages in a folder
PidTagContentUnreadCount - number of unread messages
PidTagFolderId - FID structure (?) / PidTagParentEntryId
PidTagSubfolders - bool indicating subfolders existance
PidTagLocalCommitTime - datetime of last change (there's no such thing in IMAP?)
PidTagAttributeHidden - can we use subscription here?
PidTagComment - imap annotations?
PidTagCreationTime - imap annotations?

there are others, but they might be hard to implement (reasonably), e.g. cumulative size of messages in a folder or folder hierarchy change indicator (an integer that increases on every subfolder addition/deletion).


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