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Activesync doesn't work Kolab 16
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I installed Kolab 16 on centOS 7 with the installation Guide from Kolab.

[root@kolab roundcubemail]#  rpm -qv pykolab
[root@kolab roundcubemail]#  rpm -qv kolab

Now I've one problem with the ActiveSync. When I go directly in the browser: https://myserver/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync I can login and the page ItWorks appears.

Now when I'm trying to setup my android device I got the error message "Can't connect to server" on android side.

In the kolab side /var/log/kolab-syncroton/errors.log I've this errors:

23-Jul-2019 16:19:36 Europe/Lisbon] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'Syncroton_Exception_NotFound' with message 'Device creation failed' in /usr/share/kolab-syncroton/lib/kolab_sync_backend_device.php:70
Stack trace:
#0 /usr/share/kolab-syncroton/lib/ext/Syncroton/Server.php(442): kolab_sync_backend_device->create(Object(Syncroton_Model_Device))
#1 /usr/share/kolab-syncroton/lib/ext/Syncroton/Server.php(118): Syncroton_Server->_getUserDevice('3', Array)
#2 /usr/share/kolab-syncroton/lib/ext/Syncroton/Server.php(70): Syncroton_Server->_handlePost()
#3 /usr/share/kolab-syncroton/lib/kolab_sync.php(176): Syncroton_Server->handle()
#4 /usr/share/kolab-syncroton/index.php(31): kolab_sync->run()
#5 {main}
  thrown in /usr/share/kolab-syncroton/lib/kolab_sync_backend_device.php on line 70


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