Kolab is not showing any calendar or contact entries in webclient or over CalDAV/CardDAV
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As reported on the kolab users list today ( my kolab install on Ubuntu 18.04 is no longer showing calendar or contact entries in either the roundcube client or via CalDAV/CardDAV. When I look through the imap spool, all the information looks like it is still there, but it isn't being shown. The kolab package versions I am running are:

dpkg -l *kolab*
| Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend
|/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name                                     Version                   Architecture              Description
ii  kolab                                    16.0.1-19                 all                       Metapackage for Kolab Groupware Server
ii  kolab-cli                                0.8.13-0~kolab3           all                       Command-line utilities for Kolab
ii  kolab-conf                               0.8.13-0~kolab3           all                       Configuration management for Kolab
un  kolab-content-filter                     <none>                    <none>                    (no description available)
ii  kolab-freebusy                           1.1.2-0~kolab2            all                       Free/Busy for Kolab Groupware
ii  kolab-imap                               16.0.1-19                 all                       IMAP server for Kolab Groupware server
ii  kolab-ldap                               16.0.1-19                 all                       LDAP server for Kolab Groupware server
ii  kolab-mta                                16.0.1-19                 all                       MTA server for Kolab Groupware server
ii  kolab-saslauthd                          0.8.13-0~kolab3           all                       SASL Authentication Daemon for Kolab
ii  kolab-schema                             3.3-0~kolab1              all                       LDAP schema files for Kolab Groupware
ii  kolab-server                             0.8.13-0~kolab3           all                       Kolab Groupware Server
ii  kolab-syncroton                          2.3.15-0~kolab5           all                       ActiveSync for Kolab Groupware
ii  kolab-webadmin                           3.2.14-0~kolab2           all                       Kolab administration web interface
ii  kolab-webclient                          16.0.1-19                 all                       Webmail client for Kolab Groupware server
ii  kolab-xml                                0.8.13-0~kolab3           all                       Kolab XML format wrapper for pykolab
un  libkolab0                                <none>                    <none>                    (no description available)
ii  libkolab2                                2.0~dev20151230-0~kolab8  amd64                     Maps KDE containers to Kolab formats
un  libkolabxml1                             <none>                    <none>                    (no description available)
ii  libkolabxml1v5                           1.2.0-0~kolab2            amd64                     Libkolabxml is the reference implementation of the Kolab XML format
ii  php-kolab                                2.0~dev20151230-0~kolab8  amd64                     PHP bindings for Kolab Library
un  php-kolab-kde                            <none>                    <none>                    (no description available)
ii  php-kolabformat                          1.2.0-0~kolab2            amd64                     PHP bindings for Kolab Format 3.0 XML parsing
ii  pykolab                                  0.8.13-0~kolab3           all                       Kolab Groupware daemon and utilities
ii  python-kolab                             2.0~dev20151230-0~kolab8  amd64                     Python bindings for Kolab Library
un  python-kolab-kde                         <none>                    <none>                    (no description available)
ii  python-kolabformat                       1.2.0-0~kolab2            amd64                     Python bindings for Kolab Format 3.0 XML parsing
un  roundcube-plugins-kolab                  <none>                    <none>                    (no description available)
ii  roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-activesync    1:3.5.0-0~kolab2          all                       kolab_activesync plugin for Roundcube
ii  roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-addressbook   1:3.5.0-0~kolab2          all                       kolab_addressbook plugin for Roundcube
ii  roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-auth          1:3.5.0-0~kolab2          all                       kolab_auth plugin for Roundcube
ii  roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-config        1:3.5.0-0~kolab2          all                       kolab_config plugin for Roundcube
ii  roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-delegation    1:3.5.0-0~kolab2          all                       kolab_delegation plugin for Roundcube
ii  roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-files         1:3.5.0-0~kolab2          all                       kolab_files plugin for Roundcube
ii  roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-folders       1:3.5.0-0~kolab2          all                       kolab_folders plugin for Roundcube
ii  roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-notes         1:3.5.0-0~kolab2          all                       kolab_notes plugin for Roundcube
ii  roundcubemail-plugin-kolab-tags          1:3.5.0-0~kolab2          all                       kolab_tags plugin for Roundcube
ii  roundcubemail-plugin-libkolab            1:3.5.0-0~kolab2          all                       libkolab plugin for Roundcube
ii  roundcubemail-plugins-kolab              1:3.5.0-0~kolab2          all                       skinnable AJAX based webmail solution - Kolab plugins
ii  roundcubemail-skin-kolab                 0.4.1-0~kolab6            all                       skinnable AJAX based webmail solution - Plesk skin

And the full dpkg -l output can be found here:

The mail.log file and apache access.log failes do not show anything interesting, but if the contents would be useful I can sanitize them and post.


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emunson created this task.Jul 11 2019, 5:29 AM

There was a significant change in the way kolab data is cached by Roundcube kolab plugins (roundcubemail-plugins-kolab package). There was supposed to be a DB structure update. Please, verify if this sql commands have been executed Any errors in log?

Running the linked sql script by hand fixed the problem. There is nothing in the logs to indicate why this change didn't take during the upgrade.


emunson closed this task as Resolved.Jul 11 2019, 12:35 PM
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