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Update OBS to build newer distros
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Right now we build Kolab 16 for Debian 8/9/10.
Debian 11 (bullseye) is in freeze and should near its release.

So I'd like to suggest to add Debian 11 to Kolab 16 (and winterfell).
Should we drop Debian 8 from Kolab 16?

For Winterfell we should probably drop the old Fedora release.


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According to
RHEL_8 and Debian_10.0 have been added to Winterfell.
So my most pressing wishes have been granted :-)

Well, there are most packages not built yet, but thanks for the start.

If we decide to leave Fedora_28 instead of updating, we can consider the Winterfell part fixed.

What's our take on getting Kolab:16 updated?

sicherha subscribed.

I'm working on providing Debian 10 packages for Kolab 16.

I've seen in OBS that we now build packages for Debian 10.
What's your opinion: Is it probably ready to upgrade my instance?
The only package failing to build is chwala - where I could possiby use the old package...

If you feel courageous enough, I would say it's ready for field testing. Should you encounter any remaining rough edges, please report them so they can be ironed out.

I've updated my kolab installation from Debian 9 to 10. All in all nothing major. Highlights:

  • Since the package versions are identical, you need to reinstall all kolab packages (at least the binary packages for php are really needed)
  • Years ago I added TLS to dirsrv and used "newer and stronger" ciphers. These are no old - too old. I went back to the default ciphers and LDAP with tls/starttls works again
  • Cyrus has updated from 2.5 to 3.0. I've mangled the cyrus config manually, but the old one seemed to work too. Kerberos and SSO survived the upgrade

So I'm now again running an up-to-date Debian and Kolab works for me (as a mail server only).

I see Debian 10 has been added in OBS, is anyone working on adding CentOS 8?

Is there a release date for Kolab for Debian Buster? does not mention anything.

Umm, yeah, the docs are somewhat outdated because the build pipeline appears to be broken (T6055)...

Actually, Kolab has been available for Debian 10 for quite a while now. To get started, just follow and replace all occurrences of 9.0 with 10.0.

Hello sicherha,

thanks for the info.

Hello sicherha,

I've tested the dist-upgrade from Debian Stretch to Debian Buster on a cloned Instance of our Kolab 16 Server and it worked fine beside two little problems...

  1. All IMAP folder subscriptions get lost and have to be renewed.
  2. Roundcubemails managesieve now creates "firstname.lastname" folders instead of reusing "firstname^lastname" folders in /var/lib/imap/sieve.

In imapd.conf "unixhierarchysep: 1" is set.

Is it possible the prevent this?