Roundcube calendar issues
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Hi guys!
I hope this is the right section for this type of post, so here it goes ;
I have an issue with kolab's calendar on roundcube. I'm using the latest version from git's master branch.
The problem is that whenever I want to create a new event in the calendar, try to press save button, and nothing happens. It worked before fine, and now it does not.
This only happens in this one e-mail, other e-mails are able to save events without issue.
There are NO logs whatsoever, I was able to catch the error via developer tools but unable to interpret it ;

Uncaught Unknown name at position 0
k @ jquery-ui.min.js?s=1554031676:10
parseDate @ jquery-ui.min.js?s=1554031676:10
parse_datetime @ libcalendaring.js?s=1554457940:169
save_func @ calendar_ui.js?s=1554457933:822
(anonymous) @ jquery-ui.min.js?s=1554031676:11
dispatch @ jquery.min.js?s=1554031683:37
q.handle @ jquery.min.js?s=1554031683:37

I'm using the latest roundcube, php 7.2 FPM with all required modules installed.


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I can confirm this.
This was working fine. Some update changed the situation.
Most users cannot create new events in their calendar. one however still can.
This is in roundcube. Event creation via caldav is not affected.

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What is the user date and time format? You could also check what are the input arguments to parseDate() in line 169 of libcalendaring.js file. Just add console.log(this.datepicker_settings.dateFormat, date, this.datepicker_settings) a line before.

jph added a comment.May 29 2019, 1:00 PM

The date and time format under Settings in Roundcube can be identical between user that have this problem and user that don't. At least at this level that does not seem to make a difference.