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Hi guys!
I hope this is the right section for this type of post, so here it goes ;
I have an issue with kolab's calendar on roundcube. I'm using the latest version from git's master branch.
The problem is that whenever I want to create a new event in the calendar, try to press save button, and nothing happens. It worked before fine, and now it does not.
This only happens in this one e-mail, other e-mails are able to save events without issue.
There are NO logs whatsoever, I was able to catch the error via developer tools but unable to interpret it ;

Uncaught Unknown name at position 0
k @ jquery-ui.min.js?s=1554031676:10
parseDate @ jquery-ui.min.js?s=1554031676:10
parse_datetime @ libcalendaring.js?s=1554457940:169
save_func @ calendar_ui.js?s=1554457933:822
(anonymous) @ jquery-ui.min.js?s=1554031676:11
dispatch @ jquery.min.js?s=1554031683:37
q.handle @ jquery.min.js?s=1554031683:37

I'm using the latest roundcube, php 7.2 FPM with all required modules installed.


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bobalo created this task.Apr 11 2019, 2:04 PM
jph added a subscriber: jph.May 17 2019, 2:22 PM

I can confirm this.
This was working fine. Some update changed the situation.
Most users cannot create new events in their calendar. one however still can.
This is in roundcube. Event creation via caldav is not affected.

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What is the user date and time format? You could also check what are the input arguments to parseDate() in line 169 of libcalendaring.js file. Just add console.log(this.datepicker_settings.dateFormat, date, this.datepicker_settings) a line before.

jph added a comment.May 29 2019, 1:00 PM

The date and time format under Settings in Roundcube can be identical between user that have this problem and user that don't. At least at this level that does not seem to make a difference.

jankow added a subscriber: jankow.Aug 20 2019, 9:27 AM

We are also affected.

The curious thing: Only one user account is affected, regardless from which Browser. All other users can create events.

Maybe in relation to this problem: In an account of mine I can't create events earlier then 10 am. From the social view this is actually a good thing. But some people react a kind of bemused if I say sorry: My calendar isn't able to meet us that early.

But the difference to this bug here: The save button does an action at all and I get the error message "Invalid data". Creating a event after 10 pm and move it with the mouse works fine. But also here: only one account is affected.

jph added a comment.Aug 21 2019, 9:20 AM

For those useres affected, we could fix the problem by setting the roundcube standard date format from the German to the Englisch version. Then the save button works again. Nevertheless, those users, who did not have this problem, continue to use the German date format setting without a problem. All this on the same server and same domain.

In my case it was sufficiant to switch from German to English date format and back. Then it's possible to save events but the pop up window doen't close. It remains but without content.

jankow added a comment.Sep 9 2019, 4:11 PM

In the meantime I got another issue - not with calendar but wit task plugin.

One user couln't save tasks anymore if he assigned them to another user. This could be solved by deleting the content of "preferences" column in roundcube table users for the specific account and change the skin afterwards. (Why ever these two steps where necessary).

This issue, mentioned above:

Maybe in relation to this problem: In an account of mine I can't create events earlier then 10 am. From the social view this is actually a good thing. But some people react a kind of bemused if I say sorry: My calendar isn't able to meet us that early.

could be solved also by resetting roundcube preferences.

It was reproducable - pasting again the former content of the preferences column again events before 10 am where not saveable.

Could you provide the faulty preferences?

Here are the preferences which cause the error. I have shortened the folder list for privacy reasons. But I think it doesn't cause the error.

a:38:{s:20:"kolab_active_folders";s:5610:"INBOX**Drafts**Sent**Spam**Trash**Trash/000_Support_tmp**Trash/Archives.2016**Trash/LUG-DD**Trash/ups4**Archive**Archive/2014**Archive/2016**Archives**Archives/2014**Archives/2017**Calendar**Configuration**Contacts**Contacts/Personal Contacts**Erledigt**Files**Freebusy**Journal**Notes";s:19:"calendar_first_hour";i:8;s:19:"calendar_work_start";i:9;s:17:"calendar_work_end";i:17;s:20:"calendar_show_weekno";i:0;s:23:"calendar_event_coloring";i:0;s:27:"calendar_default_alarm_type";s:0:"";s:29:"calendar_default_alarm_offset";s:4:"-15M";s:25:"calendar_default_calendar";s:11:"Q2FsZW5kYXI";s:26:"calendar_contact_birthdays";b:1;s:29:"calendar_birthday_adressbooks";a:1:{i:0;s:17:"kolab_addressbook";}s:29:"calendar_birthdays_alarm_type";s:0:"";s:31:"calendar_birthdays_alarm_offset";s:3:"-2D";s:19:"calendar_categories";a:5:{s:8:"Personal";s:6:"c0c0c0";s:4:"Work";s:6:"ff0000";s:6:"Family";s:6:"00ff00";s:7:"Holiday";s:6:"ff6600";s:5:"Calls";s:0:"";}s:8:"timezone";s:4:"auto";s:11:"date_format";s:5:"Y.m.d";s:11:"time_format";s:3:"G:i";s:16:"refresh_interval";i:600;s:4:"skin";s:13:"chameleon-dkn";s:10:"date_short";s:5:"D G:i";s:9:"date_long";s:9:"Y.m.d G:i";s:16:"collapsed_abooks";s:32:"&Q29udGFjdHM&&kolab_addressbook&";s:16:"message_sort_col";s:4:"date";s:18:"message_sort_order";s:4:"DESC";s:17:"collapsed_folders";s:302:"&Other%20Users%2Fflorian.rasch&&Other%20Users%2Fjan.kowalsky&&Trash&&Archive&&Archives&&Other%20Users%2Fexample.kontakt%2Fbuchhaltung&&Other%20Users%2Fexample.kontakt%2Fdomains&&Other%20Users%2Fexample.kontakt%2Fprojekte&&Other%20Users%2Fexample.kontakt%2Fselfregistrations&";s:11:"search_mods";a:4:{s:1:"*";a:2:{s:7:"subject";i:1;s:4:"from";i:1;}s:4:"Sent";a:2:{s:7:"subject";i:1;s:2:"to";i:1;}s:6:"Drafts";a:2:{s:7:"subject";i:1;s:2:"to";i:1;}s:32:"Shared Folders/shared/dknreceive";a:2:{s:7:"subject";i:1;s:4:"from";i:1;}}s:23:"addressbook_search_mods";a:5:{s:4:"name";i:1;s:9:"firstname";i:1;s:7:"surname";i:1;s:5:"email";i:1;s:1:"*";i:1;}s:14:"compose_extwin";i:0;s:10:"reply_mode";i:0;s:25:"compose_save_localstorage";i:1;s:12:"skip_deleted";b:0;s:17:"flag_for_deletion";b:0;s:15:"read_on_archive";b:0;s:15:"kolab_calendars";a:2:{s:44:"T3RoZXIgVXNlcnMvc2FuZHJvLm1lcmJkL0NhbGVuZGFy";a:1:{s:10:"showalarms";b:0;}s:9:"__bdays__";a:1:{s:6:"active";b:1;}}s:17:"acl_advanced_mode";b:1;s:14:"mail_read_time";i:-1;s:14:"kolab_uniqueid";s:32:"3652b1e917ed043602379fb579643d67";s:11:"client_hash";s:16:"wd7N6bWC1jIiLScN";}

By the way: the error mentioned above where one user couldn't save tasks as soon one person is assigned, still persists. And it wasn't reproducable to fix it by deleting the defaults. But I couldn't test it thoroughly because I'm not the account owner and I had to guide the customer by phone.

I'm unable to reproduce any of these issues.

this is the problem. It's not reproducable at all. Nearly all of our users can do all the stuff. Only very few encounter these problems. So maybe it's a caching issue - and the settings are not repsponsible but special settings together with some special circumstances in caching.

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Fixed in ad33b48521d7.