When selecting a time you can't see them all
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steps to reproduce

  1. crate a small window, just small enough so it does not switch to the mobile view
  2. create new event.
  3. open the combobox for end-time
  4. scoll down the combobox options till the end

actual result:
some of the last timeslots are not reachable


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ben99 updated the task description. (Show Details)Feb 1 2019, 2:14 PM
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I can't reproduce this. What browser/OS is this?
I wonder why you don't get any scrollbars.

bohlender moved this task from Done to In Progress on the UX Seminar WS17 board.Feb 7 2019, 10:42 AM

You can scroll, but the time slots are shown further down "behind" the safe bar. When you scroll down the whole window it works. But instead you shouldn't have to scroll down the whole window, instead the "last time shown" should be visible above the safe bar. So you can scroll down the time bar and see the last time without scrolling the whole window.

EsIsl added a subscriber: EsIsl.Feb 7 2019, 4:55 PM

On Windows 10, Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 , it automatically scrolls down the whole window, opposed to only the time-frame-window itself.

bohlender updated the task description. (Show Details)

I'm unable to reproduce on current with Chromim 73.0.3683.86.

bohlender moved this task from Done to Backlog on the UX Seminar WS17 board.Aug 12 2019, 9:59 AM