When typing the times for an event the interval of the suggestions is not consistent
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When you want to type in the beginning and the end time of an event the suggestions don´t make sense. Sometimes they are just the full hour and sometimes the quarter of an hour. The interval is not consistent.

Actual result: No consistent interval.

Expected result. Consistent interval (f.ex. just the full and half hour times)


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M.Gruber created this task.Jan 11 2019, 9:48 AM
ben99 added a subscriber: ben99.Feb 3 2019, 9:38 PM

If you mean the suggested duration of an event: this is dependent on the selected number of "time slots per hour". However, I'm not sure if I understand your ticket correctly, please attach screenshot.

The weird thing is it is different even when you see all the times:

I think it depends on what you entered (or started entering), but I agree that this is confusing.

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EsIsl added a subscriber: EsIsl.Feb 7 2019, 4:52 PM

Do you mean that the first two hours that are suggested are in quarter hours and the following in full hours? That wouldn`t bother me as much as the suggestions themselves, since as you said, they don´t make sense at all.

I think it makes sense to have smaller time intervalls closer to the event's beginning. If it is only 15 minutes for example. On the other hand it is unlikely that you want to create an event that is 3 hours 15 minutes.. You just put 3 hours..

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