fix "tab bar" should stay in place
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When trying to create an event and for example trying to change the priority, you have to scroll down. the overview tap bar is then hidden. However, it would be helpful to see it troughout the entire process of creating an event.
steps to reproduce

1 create event
2 scroll down

expected result:
bar on the top is fixed in place and does not move when scrolling

actual result:
bar moves when scrolling and, ultimately, hides away


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ben99 created this task.Jan 9 2019, 7:04 PM


Think about how this would look on a mobile with the on screen keyboard open.

ben99 added a comment.Jan 11 2019, 7:02 PM

see attached pictures for screenshots taken on an iPhone 8

I don't think this is necessary.. I think especilly on the phone display it would use up too much of the already limited space...

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I would delete it as well

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