Can't change dates in "Find availability"
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When you are adding participants to an event and check the availability you can not change the selected date.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an event.
  2. Add participants.
  3. CLick on "check availability".
  4. In the bottom left corner you can see the date and time you selected.
  5. You want to change the time because at the selected time the participants aren't free.

Actual results:
You can not click and change the time, instead you have to close the window and go back to the create tab.

Expected results:
You can just click and change the date or time.


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Event Timeline

Well, this is how it was designed, so you focus on finding availability not changing the time or duration. These fields are there for an informative purpose of displaying currently selected time slot. Maybe the time inputs could be editable or maybe there should be some duration input. Or maybe the slot selector above could be extendable horizontally.

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