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Flexible Food Packaging Barrier Film Custom Printed Nylon Films
Also known as: printed plastic films, food packaging solutions
GreenPak Clear food Printed Films are constructed of co-extruded barrier vacuum filmging film and used good imported raw materials; our printed films are easy to use and more flexible – highly improved the packaging speed.
·Perfect sealing performance with wide temperature range
·Keep the product fresh and free of preservatives
·Effective transparency, Stylish gloss, high puncture resistance and easy to tear
·Excellent mechanical properties, low thickness, cost-effective
·Extensive oxygen transmission rate
·Good properties on gas barrier, moisture proof
·Longer shelf life, storage time
1.What kind of ink for printing?
At present, in the food plastic packaging and printing, is the most widely used benzene soluble chlorinated polypropylene ink series. Ink production and application technology of the series has been very mature, is mainly used to adopt the way of intaglio printing in BOPP (two-way stretch polypropylene) on printing, printing adaptability is very good, good processing performance, the drying speed is faster
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