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polyethylene protective film price
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About us
Our History: Our factory have focused on the research of Protective Film Since 1983. We deals in professional manufacturing of PE surface protective film with advanced skills in this field. We develop new products continuously to satisfy the requirements of construction markets.
Our Factory: Our factory are located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China. It covers about 21000m2.

Our Product: Our main products are carpet protection film, floor protection film and glass protection film protection film for Aluminum composite panel, stainless steel and sandwich panel.
Product Application:Protective film could provide a protective barrier against scratch, spill, stains and dirt at the process of decoration, installation and painting.
Our Certificate:ISO9001:2008, SDS, REACH, Certificate of Utility Model Patent for carpet protective film and perforated protective film.
Production Equipment: Our production including 6 procedures. We buy new material of LDPE and blow the film ourselves. The first procedure is blowing the film. We have 4 sets of blowing machine in all. To keep high quality, we have sold all of our old blowing machine since the year of 2013 and keep new machine since then. The current widest width we can produce will be 2m. The second procedures will print the film. There are 3 sets of printing machine. About 30% of our goods will be needed to print with customers’ logo. Our printed film is compounded. Through this equipment, the logo will be protected well during the usage. After printing the film, we will glue them in our gluing machine. We have 6 sets of gluing machine now. All of them are also new bought since the year of 2013. We can produce the adhesive strength from 40g-1000g/25mm now. We have 6 sets of turnover and cutting machine. After that, we will pack the goods in carton box. The last procedure will be testing the goods. Our QC technician will test the quality with our tensile machine and constant humidity and temperature machine.

Production Market: Our current main market is Europe, North America and Australia. In order to ensure high quality products. We have set up a strict quality guarantee system and many service networks. We have also obtained ISO9001:2008 certificate and SDS, REACH report.
Our service: The company is devoted to the best quality products, competitive prices, and perfect service for the sake of old and new customers, also willing to cooperate with more and more friends to create a better future!polyethylene protective film price


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