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Product Description
stone freestanding bath
Model No.2130110
ColorMatt white
Surface finishMatt
The luxury modern stone bathtub works as a natural bacteria deterrent since its non-porous composition does not allow for moisture to reside in the stone bathtub walls. This results in a stain resistant bathtub that is hygienically advanced and easy to clean. In addition, function does not suppress beauty as this masterfully crafted bathtub also includes an overflow and drainer feature.
The graceful one piece soaking bathtub reinforces its appealing design as an exciting staple in any modern bathroom decor without compromising the relaxing look or feel of sheer classical elegance. The classical egg-shaped freestanding bathtub will invoke a feeling of absolute luxury while offering a silky velvet touch enabling the clean sleek lines of modern bathroom design to flourish in any modern bathroom decor plan.
Unit Features:
Bathroom drainer included
Overflow included
Beauty outlook
Bathtub Solid Surface Features:
Crushed stone mixed with composite materials
Easy to clean (Non-porous)
Stain and bacteria resistant
Factory fabricating viewing

  • All workers' experience is not less than 6 years, and able to operate machines skillfully
  • Owning full advanced machinery and equipment, and also being updated constantly
  • With the ability to make new moulds Welcome to visit our factory...

Care and Maintenance
Q: Can the hot articles put on the top surface?
A: Hot articles are forbid en to be put on the surface directly. A heat-proof pad is needed.
Q: Can the surface be with fluid for a long time?
A: Keep the top surface dry always. Wipe out water, soycebeans, vinegar and other liquids from the surface in time. Otherwise, exceeding 12 hours, the top surface will be damaged.
Q: How to packing shipments? Packing and embedded or, if it is assembled, whether we can load other products in order to save space and freight?
A: Packaging paper and wooden cases according to the customer to choose the product style, quantity, packing requirements change, try to use the most space saving most of the goods, can also according to customer's spell ark of loading with other factory products.
Q: What between propionic acid and acrylic acid is the difference between compound?
A: Difference: is is resin, aluminum hydroxide powder, paint, they do not contain lime. If used for blending resin are all acrylic, the total accounted for about 40% of the total material, it is pure acrylic, if only accounted for 5%, 10%, 15%, 10%, etc., in less than 40% of all called compound acrylic, acrylic, of course, the content of the higher the better, the more its price is yakeli the higher Model Bathtub


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