Wallce is not updateing a complete series of events for an resource
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wallace is unable to update a complete set of reoccurring events of an resource. This means if a user is updating an reoccurring event with an participating resource using the "all events" method in roundcube, wallace will ignore the generated itip message and not update the resource calendar. Wallace is missing the 'Recurrance-ID' for this update.


The below patch changes this behavior so wallace is updating the complete event series in this case:

---	2018-03-29 10:10:27.687576546 +0200
+++ /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/wallace/	2018-03-28 15:49:57.888756090 +0200
@@ -870,11 +870,16 @@
         save_event = itip_event['xml']
         targetfolder = imap.folder_quote(resource['kolabtargetfolder'])
         # add exception to existing recurring main event
         if resource.get('existing_master') is not None:
+            log.debug(_("Adding Exception to existing recurring main event"), level=8)
             save_event = resource['existing_master']
-            save_event.add_exception(itip_event['xml'])
+            try:
+                save_event.add_exception(itip_event['xml'])
+            except Exception, e:
+                log.debug(_("Could not add exception, updating complete recurring event"), level=9)
+                save_event = itip_event['xml']
         elif itip_event.get('_master') is not None:
             save_event = itip_event['_master']

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I'm sorry, this is an incomplete set of steps to reproduce on an by-now-out-dated version of pykolab/wallace.

Obviously, the try/except proposed is a workaround, but it is not currently known under which circumstances it is needed/known to yield the desired target situation.

If this issue is still current, please describe the step-by-step to reproduce the original issue which will aide us in troubleshooting ourselves, at pace.