[Use Test] Searching for contacts does not work by clicking on the magnifier symbol
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How to reproduce:
In "Contacts" area, open search, type in a word and try starting the search by clicking on the magnifier symbol on the left.

Actual results:
The search cannot be started by clicking on the magnifier symbol (nothing happens when clicking on the magnifier symbol) but must instead be started by hitting Enter.

Expected results:
Since there already is a magnifier symbol the user expects to be able to start the search by clicking on it. Thus, starting the search should be possible by clicking on the magnifier symbol, too (apart from still enabling users to start it by hitting Enter)


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We had a very similar ticket already for the search function for emails (e.g. for searching for an email in the inbox).
In case this has already been dealt with and the search function has been (or is about to be) improved altogether, this ticket referring specifically to the search function for contacts may be irrelevant and can be closed then.

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the search can also be started by clicking on the "down" arrow and then on "search". Not optimal

An alternative solution would be to instantly start searching when something is entered into the search field and then continually update the search.

@machniak ?

bohlender assigned this task to machniak.Feb 6 2018, 3:18 PM

In current version I slightly modified the look of the icon so it does not look like a button, making it less confusing. We could consider removing it at all.

In the past we considered a separate Search button, but we agreed that it's redundant and most desktop apps do not have it (see e.g. Thunderbird). For users that are lost with that we added it in the options menu, so they can find it if they look around. Mobile browsers will probably display Search key instead of Enter in the virtual keyboard. I think most users will find the Enter key the best way.

Instant search might be not so good, especially for mail where search may take a while.

I also think that for the mobile version a search button might not be necessary. But for the desktop version it might be good to have one for "less trained" users. (I myself can think of several people who might be a bit "helpless" if they were to start a search and didn't have any extra button for it. Hitting Enter ist not yet as intuitive for everyone as it might be for us.)

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