[Mobile] Missing automatic zoom out
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Steps to reproduce:
IOS Problem only
Typing in textfields

For example:
Search for a contact via search function.

Actual results:
Window zooms in. But after confirming the input the window does not automatically zoom out again to original size. This leads to cut-off functions on the screen. You have to zoom out manually.

Expected results
I would expect that the window zooms back to normal size after confirming the input.


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Since we had some trouble with understanding the instruction of this problem (in the end we did!), we just wanted to give some different explanation:

Actual results:
By clicking the search symbol the window zooms in. If you then click on the contact symbol too see the contact´s details, the zoom stays the same.

Best way to understand this is to compare the two bottom screenshots above. On one you can see the 3 dots in the right upper corner, on the other you cannot.

does it make sense to sum up all tickets regarding a wrong zoom? there are a couple around..

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