libcalendaring German(de) translations missing in version 4.9.2-1.1
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libcalendaring.x86_64 4.9.2-1.1.el6.kolab_14

German(de) translations for "on date" and "on dates" missing in package.
Translations in Transifex are available and valid: "on date" => "zu bestimmtem Termin" "on dates => "zu bestimmten Terminen"

To solve transifex translations for above links need to be part of the next translation update.


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Due to already created online trainings needed to withdraw the better fitting translations of "on date" and "on dates" back to an earlier translation version with "genau am" for both. "on date" => "zu bestimmtem Termin" = "genau am" "on dates" => "zu bestimmten Terminen" => "genau am"

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BTW, the libcalendaring package is not the same as libcalendaring plugin.