Delegatee does not receive event cancelation message after deleting meeting in delegators calendar
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  • Alice delegates his calender to Carol
  • Bob delegates his calender to Carol too
  • Carol creates an event in Alice' calender and invites Bob and herself
  • all three attendees accept the event, this works
  • now Carol delete the event from Alice' calender
  • Bob gets an event mail with the rejection
  • Carol sees the rejection in the folder and clicks on it
  • Roundcube removes the event from Carols calender (should removed from Bobs)
  • Carol dont get a notification mail at all


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adomaitis added a project: Roundcube.

OTRS: 1100112

I confirm this partially. "Remove from my calendar" button indeed removes the event from Carol's folder not from Bob's. So, step 8. is confirmed. However, I do not confirm missing CANCEL notification to Carol. The mail is being sent for me.

Please, clarify a few things:

  1. Does "delegated his calendar" mean Preferences > Delegation functionality was used or just folder ACL?
  2. In step 4. you write "all three attendees accept the event". The event has two attendees and one organizer. So, there's only two invitations sent and only two attendees could accept it. Is this right?
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I found another issue in invitation acceptation related to the fact that there's more than one delegation involved here. It causes that if Carol accepts invitation in the name of Bob it is not saved to Bob's calendar, but Alice's copy of the event is updated.

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