Unable to start cyradm with a clean kolab 16 installation on CentOS 7 (built 1511)
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I'm unable to enter cyradm tool with :

#cyradm -u cyrus-admin localhost

it simply hang.

My understanding is Kolab is relying on Kolab-saslauthd.service not saslauthd.service for controlling access, right?

So, being out of options, I've started saslauthd.service, and re-entered the cyradm command. A prompt then appear asking for IMAP password

Yet, after entering cyrus-admin password (as defined in /etc/kolab/kolab.conf), cyradm won't start.
I'd even created a sasldb file with saslpasswd2 having cyrus-admin as sole user. To no avail.


#testsaslauthd -u cyrus-admin -p mypassword -s imap

Still returns: 0: OK "Success." ...


Cyrus version: cyrus-imapd-2.5.8-13.3.el7.kolab_16.x86_64
kolab version: kolab-16.0.1-3.4.el7.kolab_16.x86_64


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