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Out of office message can´t handle umlauts in the subject
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User1 creates an out-of-office message with umlauts (ä,ö,ü) in the subject field and also in the text box.

01_urlaubsfilter.jpg (579×997 px, 53 KB)

User2 receives the out-of-office reply.

02_email.jpg (714×1 px, 115 KB)

All umlauts in the subject have been replaced with XX, but in the text box everything is ok.


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Since I'm not sure if roundcubemail does that already cyrus may not be the source of the umlauts problem.

As mentioned in in "subject" UTF-8 characters are allowed. The implementation must encode subject strings according to

"the implementation" here is cyrus.

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Of course the correct version including the fix is: cyrus-imap.2.5.10

My apologies for the confusion